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CompleteSolutions-IT Services

PC Trouble Shooting and Repair


CompleteSolutions-IT can diagnose and repair all sorts of hardware and software problems, if your PC crashes or freezes, displays that dreaded blue screen, internet or email problems or your PC is running slow, CompleteSolutions-IT can get you up and running quickly.

CompleteSolutions-IT also provide Laptop Screen replacements, Motherboard Repairs, DC Power Jack Replacements, Hard drive, Optical Drives & Graphic Card Replacements and Data Recovery.

Hardware/Software Upgrades


We can advise and install all types of hardware/software to ensure you get the best value upgrades to give you the best performance. New hard drive, memory upgrade, higher spec graphics card or CD/DVD drive.
Have you just purchased a new PC and require the old hard drive to be moved to your new PC? We can transfer this hardware for you.

PC Setup and Software Installation


CompleteSolutions-IT will help you to setup your new PC system, offering help and hints from PC navigation, using external peripherals such as a printer or scanner, help you in finding and saving files. We will also transfer any files that you have on your old pc which you wish to keep. When we have setup your new PC CompleteSolutions-IT will then setup your Email and Internet and install any other software you require.

VIRUS, Malware, Spyware Detection and Removal and Internet Clean-up


Virus and Spyware is an ever increasing threat to users using the internet, up to date virus and spyware definitions are a must to keep you safe when browsing the internet. We can safely detect and remove these threats. We can provide reliable detection and prevention software to minimise your risk of attack.
Over the course of time your PC hard drive collects temporary files from new software downloads and temporary internet files from browsing the web. All of these files will be removed increasing performance of your PC.

Broadband and Wireless Network Setup


Why have broadband in just one room, with a wireless network you can enjoy the full range of broadband services anywhere in your house. CompleteSolutions-IT can get your broadband signal from one room to another no matter how big your house is.
We can also setup your new broadband equipment for you at competitive costs.

CompleteSolutions-IT also offer a wired Network solution.

Remote Access

CompleteSolutions-IT can provide remote access to take take control of your PC or Laptop. This will enable us to fix any Software problems remotely.
To allow us to access your machine remotely, please download the software
from the left.

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